THERE once was a lit’rary miss;
And all that she needed for bliss
Was some ink and a pen,
Reams of paper, and then
Thirty days to describe half a kiss.

-Oliver Marble

She sits by the window with potted plants and leafy vines, sky tinged with hues of blue, the smell of fresh earth after rain filling her sense, washing away old memories; the letters lay beside her, an archive of elation and celebration, her eyes softly caress the strokes of the pen made so many years ago, the light reflecting upon the ink with her smile, she touches the letter as if she could step through the page and into his arms, and in a way, with the words, she does.

Inspired by our treasured postcards and letters, A literary Miss is a collection of all your emotions, memories and hope that encompasses your entire being. When it comes to giving expression to your deepest thoughts, the subtle art of writing letters evokes a different feeling – a slower pace, a reminder of an older time, with a little more intimacy, vulnerability and genuineness. The spring-summer 2021, evokes sentimental nostalgia for anyone who remember the elements of the deeper connection that blossomed through the correspondence.

The collection appears as dreamlike images in which fantasy and reality meet, well-known tropes merge, meanings shift, past and present fuse. Created in handwoven stripe cotton, high-twisted cotton, and kora cotton, the nostalgia for letters and postcard is visible through the crinkled fabrics, block-printing and crotchet. A Literary Miss defies convention and celebrates liberation. The influence of 60s fashion with its perfect contradiction of form and flow makes it classically elegant and sophisticated, yet effortlessly flirty and playful. A collection of thoughtfully designed wardrobe essentials, stamped with iconic styles, a tangible piece of a beautiful memory of the past, with a bright hope for the future.