She loved herself
but didn’t wear it on the outside
this love came from the inside
as a deep, calm confidence
in who she was
on this earth
a quiet respect
for the person she saw
in the mirror.

The color white is most complete and pure, the color of perfection. White is totally reflective, awakening openness, growth and creativity. You can’t hide behind it as it amplifies everything in its way.

Safed has been created in celebration of the subtle beauty of the world around us, for the exuberant, whimsical, vibrant, spirited women.

Showcasing influences from Japan and the Mughal era, the collection heroes 100% Habotai Silk, creating a trademark for the brand through its impeccable tailoring, subtle tones, clean confident silhouettes and fabrics. Embracing the fluidity of the silk and the lightness of a pure palette, the Safed collection women are contemporary and confident, designed for every day or a moment when the eyes will be upon the wearer, the styles you often wear, that stand the test of time. Accented with exquisite gold embroidery, sheer organza, khim khab, munga silk, and dramatic silhouettes featuring puffy sleeves, cords and quilting, there is simplicity and innocence. A go-anywhere wardrobe, it’s a mix of feminine styles with a modern, tough edge wearable classics and flirty pieces making the wearer feel sanguine and effortless. The clothes reflect both realism and imagination, created with a sense of style that will always be current and timeless.