The atmosphere deepens through an ombre of hues until it reaches a perfect starlit black. She is out there in space, riding the limits of the known universe. From silver-white to heavenly-black, even in a world of bright colors, she would be the boldest of hues. A goddess woven into the fabric of nature, she is fearless, wise, and mystical. 

The definition of a kaleidoscope is a toy consisting of a tube with mirrors and glass that you can turn and create different patterns and colors, or an ever-changing sequence of colors or events. Humans are synonymous with a kaleidoscope, a concoction of all colors, thoughts, and feelings. It is a symbol of ever-changing beauty and transformation. 

Inspired by a kaleidoscope, the Festive 22 collection is focused on high color and movement with plays of transparency and sparkle. The ensembles are an evocation of the sophistication and exquisiteness of the modern charm blended with our traditional roots. Gold gota and clear crystal drops paired with luxurious silk chanderi in dark hues of purple, ombre colors of yellow, red, and black, and the purest metallic ivory, become an alternate language to express the ineffable and the evanescent. Artistically crafted with a feminine hand, the collection has a lightness to it, a finesse to the details, glistening under daylight and candlelight,  a befitting choice, with an enduring charm.