She knows her worth
Walks with her head held high
Realizes her beauty, but don’t use it for attention.
Confident in her skin
Accepting of her flaws but employs it to do better.
Knows the power of her mind and sharpens it regularly,
Sharing wisdom with those she meets along the way.
She loves fully, has no grip on pride,
and in service she pours her heart.
Queen, keep being you because the world needs to see it–
That being YOU is being QUEEN
and being QUEEN….
is being YOU.

The breath-taking designs in the festive edit, that come to life with modal silk and silk chanderi, woven together by the delicate mix of history and urban culture, take inspiration from the awe-inspiring life of Maharani Indira Devi, and the opulence and richness of the royal life. Our new collection implores hand block printing and finds a fitting place in an impeccably handcrafted collection, a celebration of the old times with slow days, to let your inner goddess shine through covered in silk and jewels. The clothes are feminine, intricate and beautiful, the perfect selection for an evening and festive affair. The collection seamlessly blends its Indian influences with the timeless Ahmev aesthetic. Indira pushes the boundary and offers ensembles with a layer of sophistication and minimalism.