Amidst the jubilant sound of spring-filled stream, hills brimming with new sprung buds, she moves gracefully through the green foliage with an inner smile, the kind that burns warm and long. A stunning woman who shines from her soul, with a true feminine beauty that is strong, intelligent, and bold. She is a lady who loves, inspires, protects, and nurtures.

The strong female characters of Jane Austen continue to be some of the most influential and intricate women, instilling an undertone of feminism way ahead of time. The ability to transport us to a privileged, stylish, and captivating world is the true allure of these timeless stories. A world away from the rush and exacting life of the twenty-first century, the SS2022 collection is a chance for escapism to an apparently simpler and charming time. Cottage Garden brings a more buttoned-up sartorial approach to the spring-summer collection, along with bringing back some much needed fashion romance back into our lives.

Inspired by the leading characters of Jane Austen, its influence is visible in the sheer layers, pleated textures, natural materials, and the subtle colors of the blooming spring flowers. Taking cues from the handiwork of heritage crafts, the collection adorns hand painting by resist batik. The collection delivers dual purpose through a congruent mix of soft silk organza and poplin cotton, a tonal palette selected for impact and wearability. The resulting ensemble is ethereal and seemingly delicate, complementing the wearer to move with grace and time.