She sits there with a hint of smile, the simple sweetness of existing, of being, witnessing the rebirth on the easel of the creator. The blacktop road, an artistic graphite, welled up from the earth’s core, under the iris of fire, an onyx river. Her eyes wander to the rugged clay surface, their scarlet hue radiant under the first light of sunrise, with the ghost of ivy vines clinging to it. And as the newly freed petals flutter open, from the tip of her fountain pen flows the blank ink on the white pages, weaving beauty in the world through her words.

Everything starts from a dot, a dot becomes a line, and a line becomes a shape, it takes a form, to create something expressive of our emotions. It is like the building block to create canonical lineages, of both figuration and abstraction. Inspired by the elements of design, the SS 23 collection gives expression of our journey through all forms of art. The power of simplicity and the journey of self-discovery through the creation of art functions as a holistic portal to a deeper understanding of humans and the self.

A work of art meticulously built step by step, Ink & Ivory is inspired by life, emotions, and experiences, felt & unfelt. A beautiful medley of sheer & opaque ensemble, crafted in Chanderi, Silk Organza, and Cotton brought together gracefully with prints, quilting, pin tucks, French knots, and layering. Conscious ensembles rendered in fine details, with patient hands, bringing forth soft silhouettes bursting with delicate prairie flora strands. Curated designs evoke comfort and familiarity, simplicity and elegance, encapsulating the charm of handmade. A collection of beauty, unique and rare, emotions and experiences, embodied and shared. A work of art, to wear and behold, crafted to evoke and to unfold.